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You've worked so hard to write your book, and your publishing dream is almost realized. The quality of your book is a very important step in the self-publishing process. 


DaySprings' experienced editors will give your book the professional polish it needs to make it stand out from the pack.


Writing that is worth publishing is worth a careful edit. Your message deserves it, and so do your readers. It is what distinguishes a professional book from an amateur one. Even the best writers make mistakes, but thanks to professional copy editors, you can make sure that your readers never get to see them.


The DaySprings copy editing service corrects and clarifies the completed manuscript, word by word, before the book is published. Our service helps to make your writing more concise, clear, and appealing to your readers. Our copy editing service will improve your book by correcting spelling and grammatical errors, inconsistencies, awkward sentence structure & flow.  Adhering to a strict editorial process, we review your manuscript carefully, correcting errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. In addition, they will verify cross-references and impose industry-standard style considerations.


And as always with DaySprings, you retain full control of your work because you are free to accept or reject the changes we suggest.


The price of the Copy editing service varies depending on the length of your manuscript. See the table below for our pricing.


Word Count

Price Per Word

10,000 - 60,000 words


60,001 - 120,000 words


120,001 + words



For instance, a 50,000 word book will cost $600 for a copy edit.


*Note: Copy editing does not include re-writing aspects of the book; you will need our ghostwriting service if you require parts of the book to be re-written.


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