Memoirs and Reflections on growing up in Sierra Leone. Happy childhood memories, unforgettable experiences and an exploration of Sierra Leonean Traditions & Social History.

by: Fatmatta Kanu

For a woman who grew up in an era when girls, especially those of my ethnicity, did not go to school, the phrase "it's a man's world" should hold a myriad of meanings and emotions that would not necessarily be positive. Yet my primary response to that phrase is the deep warmth that follows fond memories, because my world was a man's world. Four men in particular, my father and three of my brothers, created unique circumstances around which I was raised.

Atypical of men in an African cultural and traditional setting, they took an active role in raising a girl. Under their watchful eyes, and strict codes of conduct I was allowed to do only what was "in my best interest." Among many other things, I became one of the first girls from my tribe/ethnic group to go to one of the best secondary schools in Freetown, Sierra Leone. In the midst of their careful nurturing, which I did not always appreciate at the time, I was surrounded with love and great care. The result of my upbringing started its manifestation with my travel abroad, when my husband and I lived in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, thousands of miles away from home. The lessons I learned during those early years became my guide for the rest of my life.

This is my story, their story - the story of a unique Sierra Leonean family..

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