by Icilda Anderson

“Mama’s Jamaican Kitchen” is a throw-back to the days of good old-fashioned home cooking in the Caribbean.

There are mouth-watering recipes for all tastes, from savoury and sweet to the punchy, jerky flavours so loved by many. You will find recipes for every occasion, from those impromptu times when friends suddenly arrive at your house to more planned and formal occasions.

Icilda’s presentation is straightforward. The recipes utilise items that can be purchased in most cities, and the choice of dishes for the book caters both for those longing for a taste of ‘back-home’ food, and also for those looking for a new culinary adventure.

As they say in Jamaica, GOOD EATIN’ MAN


You can get more information on the author's website:

ISBN: 978-1-926652-03-0 Pages: 134 Price: $20

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