Poems reflecting life's journey

by: Delores Callender-Taylor


A collection of Poems written over several years depicting the growth process in life.


Delores Callender-Taylor writes about her journey from a teenager to motherhood, illustrating experiences that are common to all of us. In a way, Odyssey is about us - especially the Christian, because it puts into words the range of experiences we go through as we move from unbelief to faith in God.


The poems in this book are an expression of a journey that started from childhood.

Delores speaks about growing up in Barbados, about love, about her mum, about God…….

These are the reflections of someone going through experiences that are common to all of us….

You will enjoy, laugh and cry with her as you start this odyssey of life with her…...


ISBN: 978-0-9739342-6-7 Pages: 104 Price: $10

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