Fresh Fire by Dr. Sam Owusu


Experiencing the Power of the Holy Spirit in your life

by: Dr. Sam Owusu


Some books delight our minds. Some raise our expectations. Fresh Fire does both and more. It equips us to be the people of God who are eager to know, love and serve the Lord. In this book, Sam Owusu meets us at the point of our deepest need. Fresh Fire unfolds the person and work of the Holy Spirit in simple steps that lead the Christian lay person into ever deeper experiences. Every page is grounded in Scripture and bathed in prayer. Step by step our understanding of the Holy Spirit grows and we find ourselves eager to experience all that the Spirit can bring us in our every day lives as God's people.


I recommend Fresh Fire for the new believer who wants to know the Spirit in a deeper way. I recommend Fresh Fire to lay persons who are eager to be equipped for their ministries in the church. They will understand every word and want to apply every truth to their lives.

I will use this book to train church leaders.

Dr. John C. Zimmerman Bentall Professor of Pastoral Studies Carey Theological College/Regent

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